August 5, 2013

Repurposing vs. Hoarding - We are NOT hoarders! We are repurposers!
So, I saw this e-card posted on facebook, and it got me thinking. (Find it here, created by Tammey1.) OK, it got me thinking more about the line between hoarding and accumulating supplies to be repurposed into fantastically useful or pretty things. Am I being environmentally responsible or am I a hoarder? When does a stash of supplies become a hoard? Do other upcyclers experience this crisis of conscience? Am I nuts? Yes, these are things I think about. And reach no helpful conclusions. It's more like the buzzing of bees, worrying thoughts at the back of my mind as I am perplexed at how I will ever fit all my stash / supplies / hoard into my new studio.

Here's a pre-move tour of the corners of my former work space. Some of these things I shunted to the recycle bin, and a few were used as packing supplies, but I packed and moved the majority of them. Yes I did. 
empty plastic bottles & jugs, cardboard egg cartons, mesh produce bags
patterned safety envelopes, cardboard food packaging, bubble wrap & packing peanuts
used packaging supplies - paper, bubble wrap, peanuts
corrugated cardboard & paper shopping bags
metal cans, plastic jars, plastic tofu tubs, 1/2 gallon soy milk containers
trimmed paper (1/8" wide!), yarn leftovers
bag of thread and minuscule fabric scraps
bag of dryer lint

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