August 26, 2013

So Close

It looks just like I envisioned it! So bright and lovely. And oh so close to being put into service this morning to wash the breakfast dishes. Close, but not quite.
See those two hoses to the right? One has an orange piece of tape on it. Those are the water hook-ups. Now, see those two shiny, silver knobs protruding from the wall? Those are the water supply. There's a 2-4 inch gap between them. Trips to several home improvement stores yesterday to pick up extension hoses proved fruitless. Surely, they must exist. Right? Surely we don't have to disassemble the entire faucet to replace the original hoses with longer versions of the same? Right? Which, by the way will likely require we remove the sink & the caulk surrounding it. One more day of doing dishes in the bathtub doesn't sound so bad now... 

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