September 3, 2013


Working out a decorating plan for the studio. Need to get some grey paint samples.
Toying with backing or binding ideas for the kitchen sink rug, finished a few days after the sink became functional. (Woo-hoo! No more washing up in the bath tub!) I'm thinking a sturdy edge of denim might keep the rug from pulling out of shape.
About to embark on a goofy paint-by-numbers kit. I can't remember ever painting one of these. Maybe as a child? But, knowing me, if I did indeed complete a paint-by-numbers as a kid, I most certainly would not have followed the directions. I would have made up my own color scheme. I bought this one on a joyful whim while at the 5th store of the day that did not have a bulb for my sewing machine. Saw this in the discount bin - only $2.49 - and it made me smile. Made a frustrating morning melt away.

Not frustrated with failure to find a sewing machine bulb. I figured I'd have to track one down online. Frustrated rather with yet another Valspar paint debacle at Lowe's. I took back 3 gallons of paint to be re-tinted as the light of day revealed that the paint did not match the samples. We started at color #1. I asked for 1 drop of red to be added. The lady at the paint counter added 3 drops of red - not what I asked her to do - to arrive at color #2. Then, without showing me color #2, she added 30 more drops of red. THIRTY! I was so stunned by her total disregard for my request and so disgusted with the resulting color #3, I was speechless. Not that it matters now, but color #2 is exactly the color I was after. However, having ruined 3 gallons of Valspar, which I absolutely despise regardless of color problems, the awful paint counter woman released me from feeling obligated to use Valspar against my better judgement. I left Lowe's with my ruined paint and made directly for Home Depot where I replaced the ruined paint with Behr in the correct colors. Mixed properly the first time, thank you very much.

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