September 9, 2013

Sewing Superhero

Allow me to introduce...
...Phyllis. White model 626.
Forty plus pounds of solid metal construction in a peachy-pink and brushed silver finish.
Along with the original owner's manual, original accessories in a matching tin, and additional ruffler and bias binder feet.
Three plates, 10 presser feet (only about 3 of which look familiar, eek!), AND what might be the original package of needles.
Made in Japan (possibly by Toyota, I can only find one reference) for the White Sewing Machine Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio.
Score! This machine is a beauty. It's a powerhouse. And, surprising to me, it's quiet. (Hmm. I named it Phyllis, I suppose I should call it she rather than it.)

I have yet to press Phyllis into service, but testing her out yesterday before purchasing her proved a dream. Phyllis - the woman selling her, not the machine herself - rescued the machine from an estate sale, cleaned it up, oiled it, replaced the belt, and had it ready for me to test when I arrived at her house. Based on the condition of the machine, Phyllis - the seller, not the machine - speculates the machine hardly got any use. Which would explain the recalcitrant nature of a couple of the adjustment knobs. I'm hoping they limber up with more frequent workouts. The speed will take some getting used to, but I am so ready for it's power and ability to sew through multiple layers of upholstery like nobody's business.

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