September 30, 2013

Storage & Shipping

While I plot and plan and dream and imagine what storage units or shelves or cupboards or chests will work best in the studio - which, right now, I think, is the only thing standing between me and unpacking the studio supplies - I have been spending a LOT of time zipping around the interwebs on this here computer - now set up IN the studio, HOORAH!

I keep hoping for a gem of a desk or the perfect sewing table to crop up on one of the area craigslists. Something without a bit of MDF in its construction. Which, considering that in craigslist parlance MDF and any other wood-like substance is described as "solid oak," is no simple task. Something so full of character and that I am undaunted by the inevitable 60 mile trek to go look at it. Something in my price range. Something that will fit in my car. And so I keep looking, and hoping, and in the back of mind try to figure out solutions using what I already have.

And because I am not yet set up to actually make any Odd Bird Studio wares, I naturally have been searching for ways to make future wares more earth friendly. I placed an order for G├╝termann's 100% recycled thread, which should arrive soon to be tested in both the old machine and Phyllis. And in my hunt high and low for 100% recycled shipping boxes, I discovered EcoEnclose. Ahh. They are a breath of fresh air. Every shipping supply one could possibly need in a 100% earth friendly form. (Not to mention the awesome green bird logo mark!)

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