September 11, 2013

This Morning

Oregano haircut, destined for pesto. A combo of this recipe and this one, I think.
Lone morning glory in the onion planter
Peppers growing despite total neglect
Spiders, spiders everywhere. Outdoors only, thankfully. Opportunistic orb spinners set up shop in the window frames - all 3 kitchen windows facing west are claimed. Ambitious fellows build webs from tree to tree, across the driveway, nearly ensnaring the Hubber's car.
Husks falling from the shagbark hickories
Woodpecker having breakfast somewhere up there & 2 deer ambling up the drive to the neighbor's barn
Acorn littered driveway
Nine rows in and ready to frog it. Bottom edge 1x1 rib too loose & sloppy for comfort. Left & right edges wonky, want to re-do with slip stitches for a clean finish.

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