October 18, 2013

Fall Food

I started cooking fall food last week even though daily highs were still in the mid-80s. It's October after all. Climate change, global warming, whatever you call it, it concerns me for countless reasons. But, most selfishly, I hate it because it robs me of the bracing autumn chill that I find so invigorating. I'm definitely a reverse hibernator. Sure, I love the long hours of sunshine in summer, but I'm pretty much a slug in the heat. I try to stay in cool, shady spots and move as little as possible. It's only when the temperature drops that I start to wake up.

Finally, with a couple of rainy, raw, quintessentially fall-like days, the weather is in sympathy with my menu choices. Seventeen bean soup with crusty sourdough bread and smoked gouda. And a favorite of mine, risotto. Every time I make it, I need to look up a risotto recipe for the proper proportions of rice to liquid (I use vegetable stock), but that's all I take from the recipe. I throw in whatever I have on hand. 
As delectable as the creamy texture of aborio rice is, I've been wanting to experiment with risotto. How about brown rice? Or even other grains? Has anyone tried this? How did it turn out?

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