October 21, 2013

Southern Exposure

I understand, intellectually, the dynamics of color, color theory, and the power of color to transform a space. But nothing prepared me for the startling difference made by painting a single wall in the living room. Eye popping. Picture a cartoon character with a succession of eyes of diminishing size popping out of its own eyes. That's me.
And Dad, it took 25 years, but I now understand why you wouldn't let me paint my bedroom black when I was a teenager. Our living room isn't black, but the green is nearly dark enough to be so. Five coats of paint later (2 coats of stain blocking primer, 3 coats of paint), and this single wall finally has no green bleed through.
Despite being the only room with south facing windows - big windows at that, nearly an entire wall of glass - this had been the darkest room in the house. But now, with just the north wall painted relentlessly bright yellow, the room glows. It is bright and cheery. We may have gone a little overboard with the intensity of the yellow. Hard not to while picking paint colors in the dungeon of darkness. This is night and day transformation personified.

I can't decide if I am most pleased with the brightness or the smoothness. The only traces of the horrid sand texture left behind after weeks of sanding is right along the edge of the crown molding. At my statuesque height of 5'2" I can't discern this blemish from the ground. Ahhhh. Thank goodness, sand paint eradication was a success! The only memory of it will live on in this photo.

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