October 28, 2013

Taking Shape

You've heard the expression, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again"? Well, this sweater making has been a lesson in trial and error. I made it to the shoulder straps and neckline shaping weeks ago but only just this weekend managed to set aside a chunk of quiet time to tackle it. I didn't quite understand the instructions in the pattern and certainly could not visualize what the stitches would look like. After a dip into bias bind-off tutorials (New Stitch a Day is a wonderful, life saving resource!), I jumped in only partially blind.

My first attempt went so awry that I pondered making an appointment at the local yarn store for help. But first I put down the mess I'd made and walked away. Several hours later I muddled through un-knitting back to the unmarred section. Which took several attempts as I struggled to dissect the puzzle of the multiple slipped and bound stitches. My brain hurt trying to undo them and get them back onto the needles properly. But I managed. Somehow. And then I put it down and walked away, again.
The next morning, coffee in hand, I tried again. It came together better this time. That's the left side of the neckline and left, front shoulder strap.
And here's the right side of the neckline taking shape. I'm guessing there is probably a way to avoid that little gap in the bind-off just to the right of the cord, but I don't know what it is and the pattern did not specify. All in all, it's working out OK. The sweater is taking shape properly. I am reminded that patience often beats frustration (hmm, can I get that tattooed on my forehead?). And I am reminded that failure isn't a bad thing to be avoided, it's a helpful part of the learning process. (Darn it, my forehead isn't big enough for that tattoo as well.)

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