November 1, 2013

Burning Wood

Earlier this week, when the fog obliterated the view across the street from dawn to dusk, we began our fireplace makeover.
Here it is back in March. Not all that much has changed, but the difference is dramatic. We had to remove the mantel because it sits too low for code clearances above the fireplace insert we purchased. Scarily enough, the mantel itself wasn't anchored at any point to the brick. It was attached with a single screw to the two uprights, left and right. Each of the uprights were attached to the brick with only 2 small, skinny screws each. Hardly stable or safe.

We had the insert professionally installed. Both to save ourselves the backbreaking labor and for peace of mind. And to keep the insurance company appeased.
The Hubs came home the evening of the installation with a bundle of wood and bottle of wine. What a good guy. This thing cranks out the heat. And looks so good I might almost not mind the wall of dark brick.
Yes, there's plenty more work to do, but it sure is nice to have a fire to cozy up to when the day is done.

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