November 25, 2013

Scarf Patterns, Continued

I do like the 2-colored bumpy stripes, but I prefer reversible patterns for scarves. Or at least patterns that look good on both sides, if not identical. (Not so with bumpy stripes.) So. I am conducting scarf pattern auditions. All the while resisting the urge to turn the swatch into more dishcloths. (For now.)

From the bottom:
1. ridge and furrow - not reversible, but attractive on the reverse side
2. harris tweed - reversible
3. waved welt - reversible

What do you think? Harris tweed appeals to me because the scarf in the works will be made with tweed yarn. Get it? Tweed yarn? Harris tweed stitch? Unfortunately, I don't care for the stitch pattern all that much. Of these three, I like waved welt the best. As long as 23-25 stitches isn't too wide in the super bulky tweed, I think we have a winner.

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