January 6, 2014


Sights & sounds from 30 minutes in the woods on the last day of 2013
1. crackling sound of frozen mud breaking under boots
2. puffed up little wren with a perpetual look of surprise on its face from the white and black markings above its eyes that look like arched eyebrows
3. distant train whistles
4. scratching of dried leaves blowing in the wind
5. creaking, screeching, like rusty hinges in need of oil, from dead tree limbs rubbing together, some high and squeaky, some low and resonant
6. crows cawing
7. elaborate white shelf fungus, like an elizabethan ruff, low down on a mossy tree trunk
8. burbling water swirling in a sandy brook with a rime of delicate ice along the banks
9. dark blue and bright red berries on leafless branches
10. rhythmic footfalls muffled by decomposing leaves

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