January 31, 2014

Financial Aid

It's been a week of financial questions, decisions, and homework. Paid property taxes for the first time, chased down information from the volunteer fire department to give to the insurance underwriters, secured a homeowner's policy with the insurance company I have used for over 20 years (that offers more coverage for 1/3 less cost than our existing policy - the one we scrambled to get in the blink of an eye before closing last year). I find all of this stressful - not half of which because I don't understand most of it - and decidedly unenjoyable. Thankfully, it is all in place for the next 365 days. But with an Art Shop financial and legal research meeting this afternoon, it's time for a little financial aid. A bandaid for ruffled and scrambled mind and soul in the form of freshly baked scones. Reading government documents and filling out byzantine forms is so much better with baked goodness, I think.

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