January 24, 2014

Mix Tape

OK, so it's a CD, not a tape. But even my dedication to CDs (and refusal to download music) feels pretty old school these days. As much as I despise clutter, I do like objects. I want to read a newspaper that I can hold and rustle in my hands; enjoy books with heft and cover art that I can highlight and write notations in the margins; and I like my music recorded on actual, physical objects.

I recently made a CD for a friend and needed a way to contain it. I planned to make and decorate a paper envelope, but the stack of fabric scraps beckoned from its place on the floor. It occurred to me that a fabric envelope would not only be easier and faster to make than a paper one, but that the faster I finished the project the more likely I'd be to actually get it into the mail.

Edges left raw with a double seam of tiny stitches and a simple ribbon closure. Fast, easy, pretty, satisfying, and in the mail.


  1. I'm so happy to be said friend! Thank you so much for the CD and sleeve. I have tons of burned CDs in my car and this is perfect for holding a few, replacing my classy Ziploc baggie.

    1. You're welcome!
      Let me know if it holds up to multiple CDs. Would an actual closure be helpful rather than just a flap?