January 27, 2014

Pattern Ambitions

Settling in for an evening of knitting pattern creation. Roaring fire, check. Pot of tea, check. Audiobook, check. Original knit idea, check. 

I aim to make a no sew pattern for cushion covers. The bobble knit sample first appeared here (was it really that long ago? hmm, the blog record doesn't lie), and I recently knit an envelope back to turn it into a cover for a 14 inch square pillow. I'm not a fan of creating seams on knit work, so of course I now want to recreate the cushion cover in a seam free version. I think this can be done. And if it gets frustrating, well, I have a crackling fire, a pot of ginger tea, tea bag wisdom, and Catching Fire (book 2 of The Hunger Games) to distract me.

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