February 15, 2014

Crooked Path to a Wavy Cowl

Crooked path to a wavy cowl
how writing a pattern for a knit pillow cover results in a cowl.

Multiple false starts designing the knit pillow cover have necessarily delayed progress writing a pattern for said pillow cover. Idea #1 for avoiding sewn seams was a successful proof of concept, but is awkward to work and looks clumsy. Idea #2 accepted some sewn seams, but many hours in revealed that it won't work as planned. Idea #3 is percolating, and I am pretty excited that I might have nailed the seamless aspect this time.

While immersed in pillow cover trial and error, I really wanted to leapfrog to making a knitting pattern to offer as a digital download. So I turned to creating a pattern for a recently completed project, this scarf pictured here. All fine and good, but working through many revisions to the pattern (which is nearly finished!) made me itch to actually knit something.

By knit something I mean a quick project without too much brain strain like demanded by the pillow cover. One of those projects that offer nearly instant gratification. I made myself a wavy wintry weather cowl from The Rhythm of Family. The pattern is written for a child's cowl, so I made a few adjustments to size it to fit my short neck snugly while allowing it stretch easily over my big head.

I used Ariosa by Classic Elite Yarns, which appears to be discontinued. It's a bulky merino-cashmere blend with a soft halo. The cowl fits just the way I like it AND I have enough yarn left over for a hat. That's like instant gratification times two!

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