February 10, 2014

Making Tracks

The critters have turned the blanket of snow covering our yard and driveway into a canvas of tracks. Bird and squirrel tracks abound. The Hubbers identified cat prints. All three have been on the front porch at one time or another. Then there's what I assume are coyote tracks. I haven't seen a coyote for months, but I do hear them often at night.

And most exciting, to me, was the giant white bird I saw 4 afternoons in a row. It flew out of the same section of the yard each time I left the house. One afternoon while I was out attempting to photograph the scarf, the bird took off then perched in a tree further away. It was magnificent. White face and underside. Dark back. I watched it for a while on it's far away perch (the camera I had with me didn't have a strong enough lens to get a pic of it). It was unmoving, shaped like an owl. I gleefully suspect it was a snowy owl, who, unlike its nocturnal cousins, regularly hunts during daylight.

While these creatures have been hunting and gathering, I've been parked in front of my computer for the majority of the past four days. With quick forays out into the snow for more attempts at a decent photo of the scarf. I'm pretty pleased with my last attempt. I'm excited to share it with you once I am satisfied with the knitting pattern I am writing. The new photo is to be the main illustration for the soon-to-be downloadable pattern. I spent most of the day today editing and rewriting the pattern and then editing it yet again. Which necessitated redesigning the page containing the growing and shrinking pattern instructions. I plan to let it rest for a few days before looking at it again with fresh eyes. When it's ready for prime time - er, the Etsy shop - I'll let you know.

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