February 7, 2014

Photo Fail

I have great admiration for folks who style beautiful photographs. 

The ones who do it so well it appears effortless from the observer's standpoint? My heroes. 

My first attempts at 1) trying to get the entirety of a 6.5 foot long scarf in a square format shot with 2) an outdoor background to complement the color scheme of the Winter Garden yarn by Debbie Bliss and 3) add a little suggestion of the rustic? Complete fail according to the opinions of many creative friends I trust.

At first I loved this photo. I thought it captured everything I was after. 

Now I can't help but get distracted by the busy background and imagine the scarf got caught in the shrub or snagged on the fence by accident. Perhaps while the scarf wearer fled from the coyote whose tracks meander along the fence line?

I suppose it is now time to take advantage of the crystalline sunshine-y day out there and see if my camera will operate properly in single digit temperatures (-13 for you Celsius folks!). And find out if my photo styling attempts are enhanced by the cold. 

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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