March 21, 2014


While I wrestle with the (somewhat) hidden costs of textile production in search of green(er) choices, the best decision for me, in line with my concerns, remains reuse. Cotton production, denim in particular, is one of the biggest environmental offenders in the textile world. Reusing cast off denim does nothing to prevent the damage that occurred in it's production, but it does keep it out of the landfill and extend its useful lifespan. Reuse puts an end to the cycle of waste. 

My goal, as long as I continue to tinker with Odd Bird Studio, is to operate a zero waste studio. I save every scrap and off cut, down to thread clippings, to be used in some way. (Any suggestions for the classy denim thong that results from removing the legs from a pair of stained and bleached jeans?) 
Pasta leftover from a dinner of rotini with roasted butternut squash sauce topped with caramelized onions, Swiss chard, and pecans (above) becomes pasta in the same sauce topped with spicy, crunchy tempeh for lunch (below).
Shadows on the studio wall cast by snowflakes hanging in the window leftover from last season.

Happy Spring!

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