March 26, 2014

Spring Bling

photograph © Max Tielman, stool by Natalie Stopka
image source: Design*Sponge
photograph © Max Tielman, stool by Natalie Stopka
image source: Design*Sponge
This cheery, woven footstool would be perfect in the library nook of my studio/office. There's a pretty easy to follow diy tutorial by Natalie Stopka over on Design*Sponge. (For more eye candy, visit Natalie Stopka's website. Gorgeous handmade books and fiber art.) At the end of Natalie's tutorial is a list of links to suppliers of the materials required, including the footstool frame. Although it appears to be fairly straightforward to make a frame like this one, if I don't order one right now this will become yet another project that never moves from the idea stage to the doing stage. Rather than the paper cord pictured, I plan to use strips of old t-shirts to weave the footstool. Ahh, looking forward to this fun, useful project is just the motivation I need right now to finish up filing taxes. Craft reward for paperwork. Not a bad trade-off, I think.

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