March 10, 2014

Test Print

I've taken the plunge. I began fiddling around with printing this photograph with Photoshop and an Epson printer. It's a far cry from working with an enlarger and color processor in the darkroom. But it's about time I learn to translate the color darkroom to the digital world. I've only been resisting since... oh, boy. really? since March 2007. Eegads, that's a long time.

What I have learned so far? Number one: my office printer, albeit an Epson with photo printing capabilities, is not up to snuff. These little 4x6 test prints are visibly computer generated. Since the original files are absolutely massive (and should print perfectly at 16x20, perhaps larger) I'm assuming the lack of crispness and discernible dots are a limitation of the printer. If I am wrong about this, please correct me. Number two: this image of orange rocks stained by iron in a creek in Yellow Springs, OH puts my orange tub in perspective.

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