April 9, 2014

For the Birds

The CD experiment was a bust. First mentioned in this post, I'm trying to find a non-harmful means of dissuading birds from flying through the front porch and/or crashing into the picture window. (It's already too late to prevent nest building.) Maybe I didn't have enough CDs to reach some magic, bird deterring threshold. But I can say for sure that the CDs I installed had no effect on the birds. In fact, the first morning the CDs were installed, birds swooped through the porch and perched along railing. The only CD effect I can determine is that they drove me nearly batty. While the birds took no notice of the wind spinning the CDs around like whirling dervishes all while the sun brilliantly reflected off their shiny surfaces, I was repeatedly blinded by the sunbeams cast into my studio. Birds 1, Human 0.

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