April 16, 2014


Did you see the blood moon total lunar eclipse in the wee hours yesterday morning? Here's some great pictures. I slept through it since our weather forecast was not favorable for eclipse viewing. Instead of being bathed in lunar wonders we were blanketed in snow.

With the chill in the air, the snow on the ground, and my reluctance to turn the heat back on, I built a fire in the stove and hunkered down for a day of knitting. Those sewing projects I have planned can wait. When the warm hearth is calling, it's time to knit.

After many false starts and much trial and error over the past several months, I do believe I have figured out the basic design and structure for a single piece, removable, washable, no-sew pillow cover. (Hmm, why do I suspect I have said this before?) Twelve more rows to knit and I'll reach the point to try the three needle bind off. Then, with a couple of tweaks to the basic structure (the opening edge where the pillow form will be inserted is rolling more than I would like), this experiment will be complete.

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