May 5, 2014

Cocktail Candles

Another set of burn tests is underway. This time in a pair of vintage cocktail glasses. The bowl is wide and shallow and sits atop a stem. 

Just when I thought I had perfected the soy wax pouring temperature and technique, hairline cracks appeared through the entire depth of candle; two wedge shaped cracks on opposite sides of the wick. The Hubs, scientists that he is, suggests the cracks formed because the wax cooled too quickly. (Actually, his explanation was more technical than that, but it essentially comes down to cooling too quickly.) Next time, unless it is on a particularly hot day, I will cool the poured candles in a hot water bath.

After a 4.5 hr burn the cracks are no longer evident. However, I suspect that the biggest wicks I have on hand are not big enough for these to burn properly. By which I mean melt all the way to the edges of the glass. But, since the glasses are tapered, perhaps the burn pool will extend to the edges as I proceed with additional burning sessions.

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