May 15, 2014

Instant Upcycle

A couple weeks ago I visited Building Value, an architectural salvage and reuse organization in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood. I scooped up this heavy, glass light fixture cover for a whopping five dollars. Its square shape and gridded etching caught my eye. Its heft (it easily weighs several pounds) and flat, solid bottom (no hole for hanging hardware to run through) immediately suggested an alternative use for it.
Flip it over and it becomes an interesting bowl. It occurred to me it would make a dramatic centerpiece if used to hold floating candles, but that's not why I bought it.
Fill it with water and put it in the garden and it becomes a bird bath.

The glass is thick and heavy enough that I am not concerned it'll break if tipped over by a rascally squirrel (or two). This thing is built to last.
UPDATE: A suggestion from Flea Market Gardening: place something heavy inside to weigh it down. Yes, a few choice rocks in the bottom would 1) weight it and make it more stable and 2) provide a more shallow bathing spot for the birds. 

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