May 17, 2014

Kitchen Paint & Wild Birds

Kitchen paint and wild birds go together like... um, ...go together like this blog post?
For whatever reason, it is impossible to capture the colors in the kitchen accurately. Even though the blue appears darker in the photo than it is in person and the green looks more blah here than in reality, this is the result of the painted stripe experiment. It passed the test and awaits my application of stripes throughout the rest of the kitchen. I wonder if I can return the untouched chair rail that's been sitting in the basement all winter?
This birdie was perched on the window sill yesterday, looking like a little kid smooshing his nose against the glass. He flew off as I took the picture, but I saw two more this afternoon. Brilliant blue all over. I think it's an indigo bunting, which I've never seen before. (When did I become the kind of person who is excited about seeing new birds? Does this have something to do with getting old(er)?)
Robin in her nest, warming her 3 blue eggs.
I'm not positive, but I think this is a gray catbird.

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