May 9, 2014

Random Roundup

From cocktail candles to cocktail cooking. Prepping Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers rarebit risotto. The recipe calls for broccoli and tomatoes. As one who despises tomatoes, I substituted roasted peppers. I often make this switch in dishes where tomatoes are called for in large amounts. I find the roasted peppers have the consistency and moisture content to make a decent (and tasty!) substitution.

Abandoned project. The honeysuckle planter cover proved more trouble than it was worth. After a week the frame began listing like a drunken sailor on dry land while the withies, intended for weaving the sides, only became more brittle after a week of soaking in water. The lashing, I am happy to report, remained strong and tight. Yay! A new skill acquired.

Half a shopping bag of evergreen needles harvested from boughs drying over winter. These are from a mangy tree we cut down. Just one of many randomly and inconveniently placed sickly evergreen trees in our yard. This particular one was situated between the house and the barn/garage, blocking the passage between the two. Needles are intended for stuffing draught dodgers (door snakes).

Backlit moth in a dirty window. Unfortunately, the scrim of dust and/or fog is between the double panes of glass. Fortunately, the moth is pretty darn cool. And behind the foggy glass it reminds me of Wunderkammer and the Nature Lab at RISD (fantastic video about the Nature Lab at the end of this post). 


  1. Hi Laurie, I stopped by from Pitch Perfect & just wanted to say hi ~ I'm in Ohio, too, between Cleveland & Akron. I've enjoyed what I've had a chance to read on your blog, and love your shop :) ~ Annie

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to taking a gander at your blog, too.