May 19, 2014

ShareFest 2014

ShareFest began it's 4 day sale yesterday. The Hubs first learned about ShareFest last year. Turns out, the service is open to all residents of our college town, not just students. Basically, a local non-profit offers free pick up of any items moving students (and residents) no longer want or need. Then they stage a four day sale of donated items, with pick up days and sale days overlapping so there is a constant supply of new items in the sale. The proceeds are fundraising dollars for the non-profit. Needless to say, I love it!

This year I scored a dozen, 100% cotton t-shirts for $6 total (which is 85% less than the local-ish Goodwill). With only one exception, the shirts are XXL or larger. I plan to turn them into t-shirt yarn for a couple projects I have up my sleeve. In shades of orange and blue, these shirts will make two lovely hombre colorways.

We also picked up a wooden (real wood!) drawer unit / end table for $6 and a wrought iron plant stand for $5. Refinishing pictures to come at some point in the near or distant future.

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