June 11, 2014


I am looking forward to a little road trip with a good friend. We begin tomorrow. Art, books, coffee, beer. That's usually what we cover. With a lot of walking, and sometimes biking, thrown in. This time, one of our ports of call has a river walk with tandem bikes for rent. Oh yeah. Tandem biking is simply the perfect type of silly for this trip. A week of talking art and looking at art, browsing books in independent bookshops, scouting out craft beer and good eats and great dive bars. All with splendid company. 

I'm also looking forward to slowing down and getting into the studio to make stuff. I know I will enjoy this trip in and of itself, but I hope it will be a bit of a reset. Clear my mind so I can refocus on studio work. I look forward to that with relish.

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