June 7, 2014

Bread & Brie, Two Ways

The toasty cheese planks are the result of needing to use up leftover garlicky sauteed veggies with white beans. The beans were leftover from something else that I can't now remember. I made the saute mix to top leftover pasta. I love leftovers. The veggie mix was great on the spaghetti, but even better as an open faced sandwich with brie on a toasted multi-grain baguette. (The veggie mix consisted of onions, carrots, red & yellow bell peppers, zucchini, lots of garlic, navy beans, and a little vegetable broth.)

Then, of course, there was leftover brie. That became breakfast pizza. I toasted a wheat pita, topped it with granny smith apple slices, sprinkled the apple slices with a little cinnamon sugar, and put sliced brie over the apples. Stuck it under the broiler for a couple minutes, done. Quite tasty with a big ole mug o' coffee.

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