June 2, 2014


This past week has seen me painting crown molding, trim around doors and windows, window frames and walls in two bedrooms. Again, I am stumped as to how to paint these rooms to brighten them up. The green above is a bright, saturated spring green. It's a color I like very much. I have lamps this color. Bath towels this color. Bedding accents this color. It looks rather OK in the picture above, in the room's normal lighting conditions.

But, hey! Where are my sunglasses? This is what happens when the lights are turned on. Not what I was after at all. In fact, this is the EXACT color that was in the 3rd bedroom when we moved in. The very first room to be painted so as to cover up the blinding, bilious green as soon as possible. 

I'm wondering if this paint would have behaved better - not done the Jeckyll and Hyde thing - under incandescent bulbs rather than the now ubiquitous compact fluorescents. In any case, I'm back to trying to find a bright green that doesn't look washed out and dull in this dim room yet also doesn't look like an anti-freeze explosion in lamplight. 

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