July 2, 2014

In Reverse

Hhhhhhhh. That's the sound of the sigh that just involuntarily escaped my nose as I looked over at this scene to my right. I had high hopes for whipping my studio/office into workable shape. And now here I am hauling "temporary" fabric storage into it while still surrounded by half unpacked boxes one year after moving into this house. But as discouraged and stymied as I often am by my apparent lack of progress, having these plastic bins stacked up along the wall does helpfully convey the size and type of permanent (eek! did I just utter the word permanent? shiver me timbers!) storage that's needed. As reluctant as I am to consider this progress as it feels a bit backwards to me, I must admit it is forward motion. And that's a good thing.
Speaking of backwards, neither of these fabrics in my stash of reclaimed upholstery appeals to me. Especially the one on the right. The tactility of it reminds me of a particularly unpleasant, soft, stretchy 70's double knit leisure suiting. And not in a so bad it's good kind of way. It's downright icky.
But flip them over and... oh! In reverse, I love them both. I'm going to try to make a simple, petite cross-body envelope bag with them (for those of you not disturbed by the word like I am - purse). I'd like to use some kind of i-cord for the strap, preferably adjustable in length. That's the plan as of this moment, anyway.

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