July 14, 2014


Laundering the 5x5 inch cotton samples produced a handful of loose threads and a handful of dryer lint. These I will add to my bags of similar "trash," to be used as filling for future stuffed projects. After ironing the jumble of fabric, each sample, no matter how much it raveled in the laundry, remained large enough to make 4x4 inch coasters.
I modified the construction from the last time I made coasters. The prototype above (front & back) consists of 4 layers of fabric. The 2 inner layers of fabric, or batting, are terry cotton reclaimed from worn out - and well-laundered! - athletic socks. 
In addition to coasters, I'm finally satisfied with my current iteration of the odd bird as a stuffed, hanging ornament and have worked out a fully lined, envelope purse construction that avoids bulky seams. (When working with multiple layers of heavy upholstery fabric, bulky seams happen.) Pictures forthcoming. And new products in the shop. Eventually. Really and truly. But for now, I must take a moment to admire and appreciate the view from my studio.

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