August 20, 2014


<> before and after sanding old finish: drawer fronts of oak teacher's desk
I've been struggling to force myself to sand 2 desks and 2 porch posts (for a kitchen project). I realize now that I love the results of refinishing furniture, but I loathe the process. Especially sanding. To plow through it, I set a timer for one hour. Sanding no more and no less than this short, defined period works for me.

<> circular weaving experiment
Reclaimed t-shirt yarn and recycled sari silk yarn worked on an improvised embroidery hoop "loom."

<> delving into a new periodical
Learn more and order your own copy here.

<> two tier basket 
Purchased at a local resale/antique shop with the intent to use it as a craft show display. Never mind that I haven't any shows planned - aspiration is good.

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