August 29, 2014

Odd Birds in a Row

I took my new Odd Bird stamp for a trial run yesterday. The stamp is new even though the design is the same one I had made into a stamp 2 years ago. That stamp of yore disintegrated ages ago. It was a clear stamp, made from a polymer resin. This time I went with a laser cut hard red rubber stamp.
I was hoping to be able to use commercial ribbon for my product tags and save myself from fraying edges. The disappointingly fuzzy results above are on iron on mending tape (white) and bias binding (green). The fuzziness could be the ink, but most likely is due to the polyester content of the fabrics (or maybe because I didn't pre-wash?).
So I switched to cotton twill tape and ink I used successfully with the old stamp. Unfortunately the weave is too open for the fine details of the stamp. Shame. I love twill tape and have a large roll of it that I picked up at a creative reuse center.
So back to tightly woven cotton fabric. The stamp works just fine on this muslin, but will require sewn edges. Oh well, I still like the idea of these slightly wonky homemade tags better than ordering custom woven tags.

FYI: The stamp was made by I use VersaCraft inkpads by Tsukineko. (I found the best selection and price at Joann [online only].) Heat set with an iron, the stamped fabric is washable. If you're interested in other tag alternatives, I found this review helpful.

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  1. It looks gorgeous on the muslin and I rather like a little bit of wonky too! I really like the white mending tape as well... maybe give the pre-wash a go to see if that improves the results? Thanks for all the FYI links :) Love Xan (