October 20, 2014


(RE)Progress this past week = REpair, REgrowth, and REworking.

Jeans repair is complete. With buttonhole stitching around the tears and frays for good measure. The bulk of the denim patch is a bit stiff when worn, but I'm hoping a spin in the washing machine will soften things and make it more comfortable (is unnoticeable too much to ask for?).
A little onion regrowth project is underway on the kitchen windowsill. Pop the white, rooted ends of used green onions into water instead of the compost and new greens begin to sprout within a couple of days. 
And, most exciting to me at the moment, adjusting and reworking my pillow sham design worked like a charm. It's an envelope style cover featuring a simple button closure on the back flap. Knit as a single piece, there aren't any seams to join. Construction is done entirely through the knitting process. The only sewing involved is to attach the buttons and weave in yarn ends. Although, since the yarn ends are inside the pillow case, it's not strictly necessary to weave them in. Let 'em dangle and none would be the wiser as they are out of sight.
I tried to incorporate the natural curl of the knit fabric into the design. The back flap curls to the contours of the pillow form and the top edge of the opening, where one inserts the pillow, curls towards the pillow form and closes the gap.

I plan to have the pattern for this pillow cover written up and in the shop for instant download by early next week. 

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