November 24, 2014

Odd Birds

Last week, a snowy landscape.
This week, twice as warm (65F) and stormy. It's like movie set rain out there. Sheets of it blowing sideways, pounding whatever objects dare to stand in the path.
But, to the west, glimpses of blue sky.
A little playing last week, wonky eye and all, led to an epic clearing off of the ironing board and unearthing this found "collage."

Even the lint brush, after wiping clear the ironing board, held a little surprise abstraction.
Pattern, squares, and scraps. Hmm, what can those little off-cuts become? Key fobs? Wrist cuffs? Any suggestions?
A mountain of lint and a prototype.
There's more than one side to the odd bird. It has two sides, in fact. And a little string to hang it from. (From which to hang it, dang it.)

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