December 5, 2014


Squeezing in a little sewing here, a little sewing there, and that stack of squares has become a stack of odd birds. I hope to finish them up and get into the shop this weekend. (But if it doesn't happen, I'm going to try to just let it go. [attempting to manage the Christmas crazies, don't-cha know?] Four of the twelve birds are currently available at Art Shop.) Cut from small upholstery and home decorator scraps and samples diverted from the landfill, each bird is unique. 

Did you know you can iron paper? I do it all the time to smooth out crinkled and curled kraft paper that I have stockpiled from professional picture framing waste. Just be sure to turn off the steam feature on your iron. I cut my reclaimed, ironed paper to standard sizes that are accepted by my printer. That's how I make the product tags for Odd Bird Studio wares. 
Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Ha... I've needed to remind myself of my very own words today! Oh such a continual process it is at this time of year. Breathe deeply and let. it. go.

    Your tags are gorgeous! I've never tried the thicker brown paper from picture framers waste, but I've certainly fed all sorts of things through my printer in the past. And ironing paper has been my savior many times - once I forgot to turn off the steam - woops, I haven't forgotten since! I was printing labels for the homemade vanilla extract (mentioned in that christmas crazies post) last night. It's the first time I've used the Avery craft stickers and their online templates - oh wow! It was SO easy and I'm sure it saved me hours of computer time. Got to get on to some swing tags tonight :-)

    1. Pre-made templates! Why do I never think of that? Oh, I know... because I have a knack / sickness to reinvent the wheel every time.

      By the way, the paper I use for tags - thus far, anyway - isn't the heavy kraft paper used as a dust barrier on frame backs. It's a lightweight paper interleaving that separates lites of glass in bulk shipments. However, I imagine heavy kraft paper would go through the printer just fine, as long as it can handle card stock.

      Happy tag making, Xan! I'd love to see your finished vanilla extract bottles.