January 21, 2015

Deep Freeze Round-Up

The deep freeze that plunged us into sub-zero temperatures has departed. Maybe it's normal for this part of the country, but it seems odd to me, we are now experiencing Spring-like weather with temps in the low 50s. That fuzzy picture just above is the sight that greeted me a few mornings ago, raccoons mating high in the tree tops. 

Undoubtedly there's more winter to come, but for now the birds are content to find their own food rather than flock to the feeders. The homemade mac-n-cheese (my attempt to make it somewhat less unhealthy is to include lots of sauteed veggies) has been enjoyed over the course of a week and we've moved on to lighter fare. The frozen sun-cather (a la SouleMama) has melted. 

I've made no progress on the mending front. Trying to locate a Sashiko needle in rural Ohio is like - prepare yourselves, you know what's coming - it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. While out and about today I have one last store to visit. If I can't find the real thing, I did pick up some long darning needles that should be adequate. I would like to have the extra length of proper Sashiko needles, though. Having the right tool for the job, even a tool as small as a needle, can turn a frustrating job into a pleasure.

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