January 14, 2015

Wardrobe Revival #2

Three months of hard wearing, at least 4 days out of 5 (yes, I do live in these jeans), has taken its toll on the mending work I so proudly tackled back in October. As the legs of these jeans, from knee to mid-thigh, are getting so soft and thin as to be practically threadbare, more mending is in order to extend their useable life. Before I begin to patch, though, I'm looking for a more reliable thread than the 3 strands of cotton embroidery floss I used on the crotch. Any suggestions from those in the know?
Since the mending employs Sashiko stitching techniques, I'm wondering if Sashiko thread is in order. I'm pretty sure I'd have to mail order Sashiko thread. I have never seen it 'round these here parts. Which isn't a big deal, I can wait for the delivery, but it means I can't go fondle (uh, I mean, preview) the thread in a shop to see what it's like. And I'm not convinced that the cotton Sashiko thread will stand up to friction better than the cotton embroidery floss. Hmm, maybe linen thread would withstand abuse better? What do you think?

To follow up on one of the comments on the original mending post, the patch doesn't feel wonky at all. At first it was indeed a bit bulky and stiff and I was afraid it might cause some chafing. After only two washes it softened up to be completely unnoticeable, even when worn hiking for miles. 

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