February 28, 2015

Guilt-Free Gift Boxes

When I've got one, or more than one, long-term creative project on the go, I get the itch for (nearly) instant gratification. You know, the kind of project that can be dreamed up and seen through to completion in a day. Enter the Guilt-Free Gift Boxes. Why guilt-free? They're made entirely of reused refuse.
Spent match boxes,
plus old magazines and waste paper,
plus paint chips,
equals Guilt-Free Gift Boxes. Perfect for satisfying the instant craft urge and useful for giving or storing jewelry, small parts, and special trinkets.


  1. Brilliant!!! Lining the tray with the thicker card of the paint chips is a great idea. Is that rescued bird stamp (2nd pic) the same size as a match box? That would look very cool :-)

    1. I haven't checked the size of the stamp, but you just gave me a great idea for "fixing" the 3 boxes that came out wonky. Mini collages to cover the messed up bits. Now, where did I put that bird stamp? Thanks, Xan!