February 9, 2015


Last seen here on December 1, our firewood drying kiln is now officially in service.
We painted it black, to absorb the heat of the sun, and made the doors shortly after that original posting in December. Also in December, I think, the Hubs dragged the shed from inside the barn to its current location in the southern sun. The ground not being level, we shimmed the base pallets with cement tiles and plywood scraps. The plan was then to fill it and allow mother nature to bake the moisture out of our unseasoned firewood. But until now both weather and schedules have not cooperated to allow us to stock the kiln.

With warm temperatures and sunshine on Saturday, we mucked through the spring-like mud to half fill the kiln for an experimental seasoning run. The doors will remain closed for a month and then we'll check on the drying process. Better late than never, right?

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