February 5, 2015

Sick Daze

Hah! My enthusiasm for getting more done with less time flew out the window after that last post. Jinx? Could be. Between trying to grasp the responsibilities of my new job as quickly as possible (my plodding progress is humbling to say the least - forget about learning the software, how on earth does one work with Windows??? I am one perplexed Mac lady muddling through as best I can) and being hobbled by a sinus malfeasance (is it possible to have a sinus infection and a head cold simultaneously?), productivity has ceased. Instead, my days off are filled with reading, snoozing, endless pots of herbal tea, and chasing the sun around the house. 

I will resume some sort of regular posting schedule here once my brain is released from it's muffled wrapping of wool batting. In the meantime, how about that pop of cardinal red in my backyard landscape of brown, leafless thickets frosted with snowy white?


  1. That little chirping pop of red is delightful. I know nothing about the cardinal, but assuming they are migratory, does this fella's appearance mean he senses spring coming? I've taken the liberty of gendering 'him' :-) I do hope you are feeling better soon Laurie. Take care and go gently xo

    1. This cardinal is indeed male. The females are a muted rosy-brown. But, alas, they are not a sign of Spring returning. Cardinals reside here year round.

      Thanks for the well-wishes. My illness - I'm pretty sure it is a sinus infection since it has been dogging my for nearly 2 months now - has abated for the time being. I've added tea tree oil and a nasal cleanse blend of essential oils to my twice daily neti pot treatment. I'm hopeful this is going to clear it up for good.