March 9, 2015

Nature Necklace


This little, unintended blog hiatus of mine will continue for the next week or so as I and my fellow Arts Center compatriots prepare for the Center's largest fundraising event of the year. This Saturday. And then, well, I'm not sure when things will calm down on the work front. April, maybe?

I did manage a long, leisurely walk in the woods last week while there was still decent snow cover and the footprints - human, dog, deer, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, and possibly fox - were frozen solid. Amidst the ankle turning I noticed numerous trees selectively stripped of their bark in patches. The exposed wood underneath was drilled more or less in the center of each stripped cell. Industrious birds, those woodpeckers. The sketch above was done after the fact, from memory, so is most likely less than accurate. But all it needs to do is serve as a reminder of the fiber project the woodepeckered trees suggested to me. (That's a verb, right, woodpeckered?) 

As an example of my state of mind - absent minded, focused on the fundraising gala - I collected a few pieces of bark that had been removed from a tree. These pieces of bark were held together in a chain of sorts by moss that was growing on the tree trunk. The bark and moss chain dangled from the side of the tree, nature's necklace. Well, I know I brought it home, intending to take a photo. But for the life of me I can't find it. Don't fight it, right? Back to the gala trenches.


  1. I don't know what it is about it, but I really like that photo above. I always love a sketch, but I think it's the mystery of the cut words and I really like your penship (think I've made that word up but what I mean is the style of your handwriting). Plus the extreme close-up giving detail to the texture of the paper. Yep, I like that photo!

    I hope the big gala event was a roaring success and that you enjoyed a well earned rest yesterday.

    1. Phew! Gala seemed to go off without a hitch. And my energy levels are feeling replenished after 2 days of rest (and catching up on laundry and grocery shopping and meal prep and...). Now, if only I can remember what I wanted to do with that sketch!