March 3, 2015

Soggy & Foggy Stitching

Besides a brief dash out into the rain and fog to run necessary errands, much of the afternoon I've been sitting in a pool of light stitching. Making it up as I go along. It's rather freeing to work without a definite plan nor preconceived idea of what the final outcome will look like. Not my usual way of approaching, well, anything. I'm kinda marveling at myself and don't really know what's behind this. But it is fun to doodle with needle and thread.
Process notes: Instead of loading multiple stitches onto the needle before pulling the thread through the fabric (like this), I've been making one stitch at a time with a short embroidery needle. And holding the two layers of denim taut with an embroidery hoop. It's slower going, but I prefer the increased control stitching this way gives me. The design may be playful and improvisational, but the execution is true to character.


  1. I love how this stitching is turning out! Together with the patch, these jeans of yours are looking seriously funky :-) Stunning photos of the rain and fog too.