April 14, 2015


As you may have noticed, I'm taking a little vacation from the land of blog, a blog-cation if you will. I'm giving myself space during the month of April to discover the new rhythm of my days, fueled by an extra cup of coffee more days than not. I didn't expect a part-time job would have as large an impact on the pattern of my life as has proven to be the case. But things have wound down at the Art Center, the fundraiser behind us, and I am now able to focus solely on the day to day requirements* of my position. A rhythm of work is beginning to emerge. And I am hopeful the larger, encompassing rhythm of days will follow. I will be back to check in here in a couple of weeks. Until then, I wish you the joy and wonder the turning of the season brings.

*(One unforeseen advantage of my job: having done the weekly bookkeeping for the organization for the last couple of months made preparing our income taxes this past weekend seem far less of a hassle and burdensome than ever before.)

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