September 28, 2015

Lawn-Be-Gone Garden

Day number two, after a break for sore muscles to recover, and the fully prepared bed was ready for planting. Spacing didn't go quite as planned, as tree roots provided unavoidable obstacles. 
With the addition of 2 or 3 more Russian sage in the middle row, it should fill in nicely. I find it surprising that when I look at this little patch of lawn elimination, I don't actually see the scraggly plants in their current state. My mind's eye jumps to the image of the sage completely filled in, three feet tall, waving in the breeze, and the mounding catmint as a fragrant carpet in front. With a little more effort, I can see the lilacs and unknown pink petaled shrubs forming a lush backdrop, all 4 of which are unhealthy, stunted specimens planted by the former homeowners in less than ideal conditions elsewhere in the yard.   
It's a small start, but it feels so good to have begun moving towards my vision of replacing grass that requires nearly constant mowing with low maintenance, drought-tolerant plants. (And the ever present moles appreciate it, too. This little garden currently provides the only soft soil on our dried-out, rock-hard property. Two big mole hills in the spots awaiting additional plantings greeted me this morning. It's an ideal testing ground for our solar powered, sonic mole chaser. Anyone have success with these sound emitting devices?)

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