November 22, 2015

Spirals and Spontaneity

Here's a time lapse photo illustration of how long I have been trying to write this post:
Before the plant pictured above had budded, I began to write a post about how, right now, everything in my sphere is linked, like connecting the dots. It's like I am moving my pencil along the path as it reveals itself, eager to see what image will emerge. But that's not quite the right analogy. While working to explain all the connected influences and inspirations, the plant has moved on to full flower.
After numerous false starts, I have let go of trying to explain every circumstance, consequence, bit of significance, validation, and support. Untangling and describing the multiple, intertwined spirals of interest that are influencing and informing each other simply isn't necessary. It won't make this ripe, inspiring intersection of art, thought, emotion, psychology, creativity, and research any more real or potent. Instead of explaining it, I'm gonna hold on tight and see where it all leads.

To be a little more concrete with what I am talking about, here's a selection of the books that are currently within easy reach.
In addition to the ideas and instructions in these titles, here's a few snippets that I have absorbed into theses energized (and energizing) spirals of interest:
Which brings us to spontaneity. (Impulse, really, but I like the alliteration of Spirals and Spontaneity.) I immediately ordered the book and joined the club. Me? What? Without consideration or mulling it over? So out of character. And I couldn't be more happy or excited. (Indeed, my enthusiasm bubbled over and twisted Xan's arm invited Xan to join the club.) I have since read the first chapter of the book and found a way to move beyond my natural resistance to words like "divine," "sacred," and "spiritual." I am so glad I acted immediately, before I could talk myself out of it. Because that talk, what would it be but more fear? (Thank you, Liz Gilbert!)

If you're still with me here, after this scattered post and bazillions of links, one more spontaneous, impulsive move I am excited about is Into the Woods: A Winter Gathering (click on the second icon down in the right margin). I miss real winter. By which I mean frigid temperatures and significant snow accumulation that allows for outdoor activities such as snow shoeing and sledding. I am so, so, so elated to have responded in time to register for one of the few spots available to spend a long February weekend (a few days after my birthday) in a cabin in the woods on a lake in New Hampshire (right near one of my brothers) with Amanda Blake Soule, Sarah Davidson, Meredith Winn, and an additional handful of women. My classic introvert self has plenty of time to work up a lathered panic, but thus far I am nothing but excited. Daily yoga, snow shoeing, sewing, knitting, and home cooked meals with a bunch of fabulous women in a snug winter cabin. Yes!


  1. I love the ripple effect of all the posts you referenced ! Such a wonderful community of folks who each make the world more interesting :-)

    1. I know! If there was only one thing that I was allowed to take away from our Pitch Perfect workshop (and, really, there are countless, wonderful, useful things), it would be the connection to such a fabulous group of talented folks.

      I may not comment that much on She Wears Red Shoes - I'm more of a stealth blog stalker by nature (in the most friendly, benign way possible) - but I do always enjoy reading your posts. Your words stay with me and give much to ponder. Thank you.

  2. Woohoooo... watch us all BLOOM!!! I LOVE this Laurie and I am SO excited that you are joining in on Into The Woods. Oh what a magical and powerful way to start the new year! I managed The Craft Session by myself and Rita soaked up Squam, YOU will revel in the Woods! What a powerful couple of months it has been and I totally agree... sometimes there is just no way to adequately describe it or explain it. And sometimes it just all happens so fast and in such massive waves (good waves) that time and space is needed to process it all. That's where I'm at... I have several incomplete blog posts and yet I feel like I need to keep them to myself for just a bit longer. Happy happy happy Thanksgiving and I hope you are managing to breathe your way through this coming full moon - it's intense! xo

    1. That full moon was a doozy! Thanks for pointing it out. And BLOOM! Not a conscious thing on my part to lead into this post with literal blooms. But of course! Of course. Told ya that great big glow of positive energy of yours was spreading. Goodness, it is so inspiring and encouraging to experience all the connections and growth unfold across this community of ours on the interwebs. I'm thankful you are a part of it.