December 8, 2015

Oh, Hello

While I am disappointed to not be sharing much in this space lately, I am full to brimming with the goodness, inspiration, and connections that have come with committing my time and energies elsewhere. Not least from the conversations about Awakening Shakti and feminine power happening in the online goddess book club (first mentioned here). So many juicy, considered ideas are spiraling and cascading over on those pages. I am ever so grateful I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to participate. It is truly mind bending in a wonderful, opening - and even releasing - way. Kinda like the mental and emotional equivalent of creating space within one's body through certain yoga poses.

I just stopped by to offer a quick hello and share some of the incredible colors to be found outside during winter. I sometimes fall into thinking that winter is dreary and dull, all grey and brown. But those greys and browns are really made up of a rainbow of colors. How about that pine bark, above? Intense oranges paired with delicate, silvery grey and bruised plum. Such a fantastic color combo.

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