July 7, 2016

On the Move

It gets worse before it gets better, right? I do believe we have progressed from worse to worst and are clear on the other side, working back towards better. My preoccupation, and reason for the silence here, is preparing to move*. We've been working to finish all of our half completed home renovations before listing the house for sale while simultaneously conducting a massive clearing out. Downsizing from 2,000 square feet plus a basement and a barn to a 600 square foot apartment with no storage space is quite the incentive to change my hoarding habits. While it is physically and mentally exhausting to sort through the accumulation of studio supplies and all the other stuff, I'm finally getting to the point where it feels liberating. I'd like to delve into this more, but I have a looming deadline. The realtor needs to get over here to take pictures. As the image above illustrates the current state of affairs, I need to get to it.

* I secured myself a membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art before I managed to find an apartment for us in the city. Priorities, people.


  1. Oh Laurie!!!! How exciting! What huge news and such wonderful change. Granted I am sure there are the nerves, uncertainties, stresses and anticipation that come with selling houses, moving and taking on new positions, but being the advocate for adventure that I am, I say wooohoooo!!! Thinking of you and sending so much love. xoxo

    1. Thanks Xan! I am very excited about relocating to Philadelphia. And thanks to your nudge, I have a means to decompress after many a full day of clearing out - Outlander!